Evaluate and optimize your company’s lighting. We provide space management systems with an impact on energy consumption.

Efficient Lighting

Delab considers and applies the best measures for better energy efficiency in your company’s lighting area.

Management platform

We provide a wireless software and hardware platform, prepared to automatically manage the different types of energy consumption in buildings. It consists of autonomous controllers with “Embedded Intelligence” with the ability to learn about the use of the site and to make decisions about electrical equipment, adapting its operation according to the activity detected at the level of:

  • ambient light;
  • temperature and humidity;
  • movement or presence;
  • ambient noise;
  • energy consumption
  • air quality

IIn advance, we identify the necessary investment and the respective payback period.

Measures to be implemented


AWe evaluate and optimize your company’s lighting


We evaluated the possibility of replacing the company’s current lighting system with another one that is more energy efficient


We optimize the lighting system taking into account the needs of the company.

Main advantages:

  • Energy bill reduction: Possibility of reducing the installed electric power due to the reduction of the equipment power and optimization of the hours of use.
  • DELAB investment: Possibility of DELAB investment. The Customer and DELAB share the energy savings during the contract period.
  • Safety guarantee: Reduction of the risk of failures by reducing discomfort, visual fatigue and the risk of work accidents.
  • Environmental impact: Reduction of energy consumption and potential increase in the lifetime of lamps.
  • Reduction of equipment maintenance costs through replacement by others with longer useful life

The most efficient solutions for the lighting of your company, through the replacement of existing lamps and luminaires and the integration of an automatic management platform with self-learning capacity.

Turn your company more efficient and competitive!


Made up of technicians with over 20 years of experience, specialized in energy efficiency and in the development and design of energy optimization and production projects through renewable sources

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