The Energy Management System allows you to monitor, evaluate and manage your facility’s energy consumption online.

Energy consumption management

Find out how your company can reduce energy waste.

The Energy Management System allows you to monitor, evaluate and manage your facility’s energy consumption online.

Control energy consumption in your company.

DELAB – JesusFerreira Consultores supports companies in the implementation of energy consumption management systems with very competitive advantages.

The energy consumption management and monitoring systems make it possible to know in detail the profile of electricity, gas and water consumption, among others, of the main equipment of your installation.

We implement solutions for monitoring and evaluating energy consumption so that you can manage online the energy consumption of your equipment and facilities.

We place energy consumption measuring devices on the main energy consuming equipment. You can analyse how consumption is distributed in your facility, such as gas, electricity, water, compressed air, among others, through simple reports and comparative maps via online platform, simple, dynamic and user friendly.

The standard does not establish any energy performance requirements, but provides a set of requirements and support methodologies for organizations to define their goals, continuously improving their performance.

Main Advantages

  • Supply and installation of energy consumption monitoring equipment.
  • Access to a simple, dynamic and user-friendly online platform for real time evaluation of the consumption of the various equipment.
  • Access to reports and comparative maps of consumption, which allow to know in depth the way it is consumed in the installation.
  • Control of energy costs broken down in central costs.
  • Starting base for the definition of an energy saving plan.
  • Identification of supply quality problems (e.g. peaks or voltage drops, interruptions).
  • Identification of grid malfunctions (e.g. low power factor, degradation in motor performance, harmonic generation).
  • Reduction of the energy bill through energy efficiency gains.
  • Optimization of the company’s production processes in terms of energy consumption.
  • Positive environmental impact resulting from the change in energy consumption profile.

Turn your company more efficient and competitive!


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