We invest and implement measures to increase your company’s energy efficiency, through energy performance contracts (EPCs).

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)

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The purpose of this service is to reduce the energy consumption of an installation by implementing energy efficiency measures, whose the investment can be supported by DELAB.  In return, an energy performance contract is established, over which savings will be measured and shared between DELAB and the Customer.  In our activity we include any energy project, namely cold and heat production, energy production, lighting, without size limitations.

Main Advantages

  • Implementation of energy efficiency measures with investment supported by DELAB.
  • Provision of audit services, study and project decision support.
  • Reduction of the energy bill with the implementation of energy efficiency measures with an impact on cost reduction.
  • Performance control with measurements of actual energy savings and comparison with the initial savings estimate.
  • In case where the investment is supported by DELAB, the Customer and DELAB share the savings generated during the contractual period.
  • The avoided costs measured will be shared by DELAB and the Customer throughout the energy performance contract to be established.
  • After the contract expires, all savings generated revert to the client.
  • DELAB has a long experience in implementing successful energy efficiency projects.

Renewable Energies

We provide specialized services in the field of Renewable Energies, technical and economic advice, preliminary studies, design and licensing, supply and turnkey installation in ESCO model, ensuring contracting and supervision services.

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Made up of technicians with over 20 years of experience, specialized in energy efficiency and in the development and design of energy optimization and production projects through renewable sources

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