We provide specialized services in the field of Renewable Energies, technical and economic advice, preliminary studies, design and licensing, supply and turnkey installation in ESCO model, ensuring contracting and supervision services.

City councils, parish councils, industrial parks may be the producers, storage and energy sellers themselves. The new legal framework, Decree-Law 162/2019, is an excellent opportunity to reduce the electricity bill, through a sustainable use of local resources available in the community itself.

Renewable Energies

Portugal’s ambition and determination to be at the forefront of the energy transition materializes in ambitious goals for 2030, which were defined in the scope of the National Energy Plan – Climate for the horizon 2021-2030, namely that of reaching a share of 47 % of energy from renewable sources in gross final consumption in 2030.

Achieving a 47% share of renewables in final energy consumption implies that in the electricity sector, renewables contribute with at least 80% of electricity production. In this sense, the contribution of decentralized production – only possible through the regime stipulated by Decree-Law 162/2019 of 25 October, will be fundamental to achieve this objective, so the installed capacity, namely in the solar, should reach at least at least 1 GW in 2030. Renewable energies play a fundamental role in reducing your company’s ecological footprint and energy bill, representing a financial and environmental added value.

Produce your own energy and reduce your energy bill without investment

We have identified opportunities for developing energy production projects for self-consumption, for companies in all sectors of economic activity, which aim to reduce the energy bill and the ecological footprint, based on criteria of sustainability and efficiency and the introduction of more materials and equipment. efficient and with less environmental impact.

Opportunities in Renewable Energies

Identification of opportunities for the introduction of renewable energies with an impact on the economically viable energy bill

Energy Bill Reduction

Through the implementation of energy production projects for self-consumption, with an immediate impact on cost reduction

Reducing environmental impact

Reduction of environmental impact through the implementation of Renewable Energy projects

Renewable Energy Communities – CER

We promote and implement renewable energy solutions for your community. Do you want to make your community more efficient and sustainable?


Self-consumption – UPAC

Do you want to make your company more efficient and competitive? Count on DELAB’s support, through the production of renewable energy for self-consumption.


Small Production Units – UPPs

Monetize your assets and Invest in a Small Production Unit. Sell the energy produced to the grid through a Photovoltaic system.


Turn your company more efficient and competitive!


Made up of technicians with over 20 years of experience, specialized in energy efficiency and in the development and design of energy optimization and production projects through renewable sources

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