We support CERs in the pursuit and development of renewable energy projects. We provide specialized assessment, design and support services for the implementation of turnkey projects.


Decree-Law 162/2019 establishes the legal regime applicable to self-consumption of renewable energy in energy communities:

  • Renewable energy community (CER), a legal person constituted under the terms of the present decree-law, with or without profit, based on an open and voluntary adhesion of its members, partners or shareholders, which can be natural or legal persons, of a public or private nature, including, in particular, small and medium-sized companies or local authorities, which is independent from its members or partners, but effectively controlled by them, provided that and cumulatively:
    • The members or participants are located in the vicinity of the renewable energy projects or carry out activities related to the renewable energy projects of the respective energy community. These projects are owned and developed by said legal person;
    • The main objective of the legal person is to provide members, or locations where the community operates, environmental, economic and social benefits instead of financial profits.


  • Contribution to E&C Goals
    • Renewable energy communities contribute to the production and development of renewable energy consumption, helping to meet energy and climate goals and objectives in Portugal
  • Reduction of electricity bills

    • Energy consumption encouraged in periods when electricity is cheaper
  • Increased energy efficiency
    • Energy consumption transferred to periods when there is a greater production capacity of solar panels
  • Increased autonomy for consumers and communities
    • Through a virtual interface that allows everyone to access their electricity consumption history, in real time and control equipment through smart sockets
  • Sharing Surplus Production
    • Renewable energy communities share surplus electricity production, generated through photovoltaic panels, in the logic of virtual energy intermediation
  • Participation in the CER
    • All domestic consumers are entitled to participate in a CER
  • Your rights and obligations are maintained as the final consumer
    • Cooperation of the public utility grid if the Self-consumption Production Unit is connected to the grid

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