We support the development of Renewable Energy Production Units for Self-consumption


We promote the installation of solutions for decentralized production of renewable energy for self-consumption.

A Self-Consumption System consists of the installation of a unit for the production of energy from renewable resources, to feed the electrical consumption system, which can significantly reduce the consumption of energy from the public electricity grid.

We make your company more sustainable. The power of a system of this nature depends on the load profile throughout the year, and can vary from a few kW units to hundreds or even thousands of kW of rated power.

We analyze the consumer’s consumption and electricity bill. We made a visit to the facilities, to survey physical and technical conditions, and we elaborated a commercial proposal that optimizes the investment to be made.

Produce your energy through the installation of a decentralized production solution of renewable photovoltaic electric energy, sized for your energy consumption profile.

Monetize your assets and Invest in Small Production Units, UPPs. We provide specialized services in this area


Sell the energy produced to the grid through a Photovoltaic system.

We make your company more sustainable. The Small Production Unit (UPP) is a medium-long-term investment where the energy produced is sold to the grid with the purchase of a photovoltaic system, thus replacing the previous micro-production and mini-production regimes.


Profitable Investment

Financially profitable investment, with long-term rates of return above 15%.


“Green”, sustainable investment, enhancing gains in terms of strategic marketing for the positioning of organizations

Property Valuation

Valuation of the property through the installation of an electric power production plant

Monthly income

Provides monthly income for 15 years

Return on investment

Interesting return on investment, the payback being between 5 and 8 years

Long-term savings

Allows you to take advantage of energy savings in the long term, many years after the investment is fully amortized


Decree -Law 153/2014, of 20 October, regulated the legal regime applicable to the production of electricity, sold in its entirety to the public service electricity grid, through small power installations, from resources renewable resources, designated as Small Production Units, meanwhile revoked by Decree-Law 76/2019, of June 3, and this matter is currently regulated by Decree-Law 172/2006, of August 23, in its current wording.

The current decree-law provides for producers of electricity from renewable energy sources, based on a single production technology, with an installed capacity of up to 1 MW, intended for the total sale of energy to the grid, a prior registration regime and obtaining an exploration certificate.

Turn your company more efficient and competitive!


Made up of technicians with over 20 years of experience, specialized in energy efficiency and in the development and design of energy optimization and production projects through renewable sources

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