On the 26th of November 2020, Delab participated in the series of thematic Webinars promoted by VSM Investment Studio, having presented the Webinar Energy Transition & Investment Opportunitiess.

The Webinar was divided into three thematic panels, starting with the Introduction to Energy Investments by Tiago Vaz Serra, CEO and Business-angel.

The first panel corresponded to the Energy Transition in Action, with speaker António Elvas, CEO of DELAB, who gave a brief overview of the existing international and national energy policies, and highlighted the company’s role in the energy transition. Subsequently, the panel on Energy Efficiency and Management Measures was exposed, by Raquel Rosado, Responsible for coordinating Energy Certification and Energy Efficiency projects, which demonstrated the activities that she coordinates in detail, namely the procedures to improve the energy performance of the various sectors. Finally, the topic of Energy Decarbonization and Decentralization was addressed in the third panel, with speaker Gonçalo Elias, Responsible for the Coordination of photovoltaic systems projects and Energy Efficiency projects in Industry. This panel focused on the importance of investing in renewable energy as a way to decarbonize and decentralize the economy.

Watch the webinar: