We ensure the reduction of the cost associated with your reactive power consumption by installing capacitor banks

Capacitor Banks

Consume electrical energy efficiently. Correct the power factor of your installation and reduce the cost associated with reactive power consumption. This service includes monitoring the entire process from the measurements required for network characterization, sizing, supply and installation of the latest generation capacitor bank, commissioning and start-up.

Main Advantages

  • Reduction of the cost associated with the consumption of reactive electric energy, through the optimization of the power factor.
  • Reduction of the electricity bill, through the reduction of the portion of costs associated with reactive energy.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Environmental benefits, through the optimization of energy consumption and the use of more efficient power systems.

Did you know that?

  • Reactive energy is a component of electrical energy that is essential for the operation of motors and some lighting equipment;
  • Reactive energy is billed in installations with a power of over 41,4 kVA;
  • The cost of reactive energy can be avoided by installing capacitor banks;
  • The invoice reduction, after the installation of the capacitor banks is immediate and the return period of the investment is normally low.

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